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I'm a polymath, a learner, a nature-lover, a reader, a mother, a baker, and a compulsive maker.

I have a culinary practice, a forest-walking practice, a meditation practice, and a daily napping practice.

Oh, and a painting practice. 

My painting practice co-exists with my 9-5 work life, my friendships, my garden, and my love affair with my 1979 West Coast Contemporary gem of a home.

I paint when I can, in fits and spurts, with frequent blockages and enough moments of sheer bliss to keep me going.

I complete 2-3 works per year -- hundreds less than I wish I did.


Making makes me happy. I hope looking at my work gives you a moment of happiness, too. 


Tel: 778-255-7400

Based in

British Columbia, Canada

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